Importance of Google Analytics in Blogging

Importance of Google Analytics in Blogging

When anyone starts learning Search Engine Optimization, they always fail at it because they don’t know how to analyze their efforts after doing SEO. So with the help of Google Analytics, the website owner can get information about all the visitors of his website so that he can analyze it and use it for further website search engine optimization.

Google Analytics is a free tool that helps in tracking traffic to your website. The job of Google Analytics is to track website data such as how much traffic is coming, from which location, from which device the traffic is coming, etc. That’s why Google Analytics has become a very important tool for website owners and people who know how to use it correctly, can be of great benefit.

Everyday, many blogs are created on the web, so that it can be earned online through it. But it is not an easy way to earn because we should know how much people are liking the information given by us and how long they have been on the site. Because when we know about it, we will put the subject as per the choice of the people. Which will bring traffic to our blog or website and increase our earnings.

In today’s time, data with up to date information is everything. Through google analytics we can see the number of live visitors on our blog or website and can see which pages are visiting and which visitors are coming.

To view live visitors through this tool, first you have to add its code to your blog, only then you will show your blog report in it. This way we get a lot of information from Google’s analytics tool, using which we increase the ranking of our search engine. Also If you have Analytics code added to your blog then it will also count as a good point in SEO perspective by google.

Many bloggers or business men have a question, what feature is required to track customer search terms on a website? We also see that 7-8% of our site search users convert through site search. We know that if they have any bad experience with our site, they will go directly to our competitors so that we provide them with the best experience. We can track customer search terms on a website by enabling the site search option in Google Analytics.

When it comes to setting up an effective campaign, Google Analytics helps a lot to have internal search data. The conversion rate through site search can be 60% higher than average. According to the recent Economy blog on site search, search does great when placing Site Search feature on a site.

Google Analytics is in your digital toolbox, but it should not be a tool used only for your website or your client’s websites. The use of data tools such as Conversion Optimization such as Lucky Orange can also open new doors to improve conversions, impress customers, and make the digital world a better place for all people.