Tips to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Tips to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

1. Publish Quality Content:

This is the first and necessary step to increase website traffic. The reason is that if your content is not useful to the visitor then he will not stay on your site and also never visit your site again.

Also Google focuses more on quality content and gives them top rank in search engine. However, when Google ranks a content, it uses several types of ranking factor. But content quality is still very important.

2. Content Length:

Your content length matters a lot in search engines. Long content gets better performance (rank) and more traffic in search engines. So always try to write detailed, high-quality, lengthy posts.

But keep in mind one thing, do not write rubbish things in it to increase your content length. Because when the reader will read your content, he will not like to visit your site again.

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important to increase website traffic. This is the best step in SEO.

If you publish regular unique and very useful articles on your blog, but do not do Keyword Research for the article, then your site will not rank in Google search result and your site will not be able to get Oragnic traffic.

4. Use Long Tail Keywords:

Keywords made up of more than 3 words are called “Long Tail Keywords”. Long Tail keywords help search engines understand the content of posts.

Hence Long Tail Keywords can play an important role in increasing your website traffic. They are highly targeted. Also help to increase organic traffic to your site.

5. Reduce Your Site’s Loading Speed:

If your site takes longer to load, then Google will not rank your site well in search results. The reason is using Google page speed as a ranking factor. So you need to pay attention to it.

Also, visitors also do not like to visit the slow loading site. They immediately exit the slow loading site and do not visit that site again. Due to the immediate exit, the site’s bounce rate increases, which is not a good thing in the eyes of Google.